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4 Ways an MBA Abroad Can Help Get You Hired


4 Ways an MBA Abroad Can Help Get You Hired


Disney's theme park jingle had it right: 'It's a small world after all.' Our globe is now more interconnected than ever, and with it so is the business world. For this reason, employers are prioritizing international experience and heavily recruiting graduates who demonstrate an understanding of the global business world. GMAC stated in their 2015 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report that 'among the employers who reported plans to hire a recent business school graduate in 2015, 29% plan to hire an international candidate.' These international students are both those who are hoping to work outside of their home country, as well as those who attended business school abroad. 


Pursuing your MBA outside of your home country adds extreme value to your candidacy when searching for a job after graduation. Here are 4 key benefits that will help you stand out amongst the applicant pool:


1) Adaptability 

There is nothing like moving to a new country, immersing yourself in a new culture, and attending a school filled with students from all over the world to demonstrate to an employer that you are able to adapt to new situations. Employers look for candidates who are able to quickly change direction and solve problems creatively when a project goes off course. Adaptability also encompasses the willingness and determination of an employee to develop new skill sets and take on new job functions as the company evolves and grows. Being abroad will expose you to a variety of new situations, allowing you to be flexible and confident when making decisions to adapt to different circumstances. 

2) Perspective 

Going abroad to get your MBA will expose you to a wide variety of people who come from diverse backgrounds. Your cohort will be composed of individuals with experiences unique to your own. With these distinct experiences, they will bring unique perspectives. Perhaps a fellow student's experience working for a non-profit clean energy company will provide a new way to approach a problem that you traditionally would have solved differently at your previous company. By blending the perspectives of a diverse group of students, the classroom is enriched with new ways of discussing and analyzing situations. Employers value candidates that can bring a new perspective to the company and will inspire other employees to approach problem-solving in new ways, using unique analysis to spur innovation.


3) Curiosity 

The world's greatest CEOs and business leaders are those who have an insatiable curiosity. They look beyond the information that is readily available to them, instead diving into the unknown to discover something extraordinary. This is exactly what you do when you attend your MBA abroad: You venture into an unknown world and manage to find a way to thrive within it. When applying for a job, a candidate that demonstrates curiosity in the company and a deep interest in the position will far outshine one who lacks interest and a desire to learn. 

4) Independence 

'Team player' is the most common buzzword you'll read in a job application. While teamwork is a necessary asset of any successful business person so is its opposite: Independence. Employers value workers who are able to make confident, independent decisions. While it's important to ask questions and seek out advice, the less hand-holding your manager needs to do, the more valuable you become to the team. Pursuing your MBA abroad helps to strengthen your ability to act independently and to set your own course. This skill set will help you to become a leader among your coworkers, and enhance your value to your employer.

Pursuing your MBA abroad not only provides you with invaluable life experiences and exposure to new cultures and people, but also allows you to cultivate important skill sets and traits that will make you a desirable asset for any company.

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